Bear`s Bio Page

Gary (Bear) McCormack)

A little about Bears Music

  I was raised on music. As a child I learned to play guitar. I have been playing since 1965. Along with learning the songs I also learned about the artists that made them famous. In my personal collection I have a little over 65,000 LP's, 45's, 78, cassettes, 8 Track and CD's in every style of music.

  I had a very successful band in Southern California for 25 years.  I made up my mind then that we would play every style of music... Country, Rock, Oldies, Jazz, etc. In making that decision my music collection grew.

A good friend of mine told me that I should open a record store. So in 1990 I opened my first "Record" shop.

  I started Bear's Music in 2008. When I came to Arco, Idaho I noticed that the population there had to go about 60 miles away to a bigger city to get their favorite music and movies,  so I decided to help bring the music to the people by opening a music store.

What we wish to accomplish with this site is to bring the best service possible with the largest selection at the best prices.